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Dr. Ronald Wilcox - Year One Report

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    Year One – Accomplishments



    Establish Committees

    Kept within 2016-2017 budget – had a surplus

    • Developed and balanced budget for 2017-2018
    • Purchased activity bus
    • Purchased two extra buses
    •  Completed the solar farm project
    •  Contracted to move old house at Brunson
    •  Installed canopies
    • Roof repairs – High School, Hampton Elementary, Fennell Elementary & Varnville Elementary
    •  Air conditioner repairs – High School & Hampton Elementary
    • ü All insurance projects from Hurricane addressed
    •  High School – Painting, curtains, tile gym floor, outside painting & bleachers
    •  Fence painted at High School
    •  Baseball complex renovated
    •  New early college high school
    •  Central Office painted
    •  New parking lot at Central Office
    •  Purchased adjoin property at Central Office for Central Technology Center
    •  Implemented on-line testing
    •  Procured & installed $261,000 worth of Laptop computers for students
    •  Held an administrative retreat for administrators
    •  Purchased three generators for schools
    •  Established an Education Foundation Fund and began fund raising
    •  Purchased a scissor lift and trailer to haul it on
    •  Operated with an open-door policy
    •  Developed over-all facility plan
    •  Developed goals for the year
    •  Developed a strategic plan
    •  Developed a curriculum guide k-12
    •  Hired a principal for Ben Hazel
    •  Opened and operated a shelter for Hurricane Matthew
    •  Developed one year facility goals
    •  Re-worked gym floors
    •  Brunson
    •  Fennell
    •  High Scholl
    •  Cleared lot at Central Office
    •  New tile floor at Ben Hazel
    •  New roofs
    •  Fennell Fine Arts building
    •  Maintenance building at High School
    •  Baseball dugouts & concession
    •  Brown storage building at High School
    •  Developed test score improvement plans
    •  Re-structured Central Office
    •  Developed Logo
    •  Developed Friday Report
    •  Implementing computerized personnel procedures
    •  Developed magnet school plan for Fennell
    •  Band Uniforms
    •  Adult Ed Center opened
    •  Split alternative schools
    •  Expanded early child leadership program at Fennell
    •  Created an organizational chart
    •  Expanded summer programs to include invention support for K-12
    •  Implemented summer enrichment programs to include STEM Camp, Gifted and Talented STEAM Camp, and Jump Start Spanish Camp
    •  Received 21st Century Community Learning Grants for afterschool to include K-12 and summer school
    •  Started Dental Program for restorative services
    •  Purchased Moby Max computer assisted software for K-8 and U.S. Test prep for 7-12
    •  Expanded Career and Technology opportunities to include auto mechanics and fire fighting
    •  Created and implemented reading plan for improvements in curriculum, instructing and assessment
    •  Purchased Fountas & Pinnell resource kits for reading
    •  Renovated track field
    •  Replaced some cafeteria equipment
    •  Implemented cursive writing
    •  Implemented calculating caterpillar program
    •  Made Application to FEMA Fund for $375,000
    •  Applied for $125,000 Grant for Track

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