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What's Happening at FES 2016-2017

Fennell Kindergarten Class Learns All About Embryology


Our kindergarten class has enjoyed learning all about embryology thanks to the Palmetto Electric Bright Ideas Grant. These students conducted an experiment that started with eggs and ended with baby chicks! The kindergarteners used this hands-on learning opportunity to develop inquiry skills through science, reading and writing. The students learned about living things and life cycles of chickens. Stay tuned to see what's happening next in Kindergarten. Here's a hint...it all starts with a caterpillar!

Gullah Culture Comes to 3rd Grade


The 3rd grade students at Fennell Elementary were lucky enough to participate in the Hampton County School District Artist in Residency program. Through this program our third graders had the opportunity to see some of the Gullah culture up close and personal. On the first day of the two day program, the students were visited by Ms. Adams. Ms. Adams came in and gave students background information on how the Gullah culture formed and some of the traditions that are still alive today. They were even given the opportunity to hear Auntie Pearl read a Gullah fable and play a game using English words and matching them to Gullah words. On day two, we were introduced to two men, Mr. Michael and Mr. Deano, that still carry on the tradition of sewing sweet grass baskets. They told the students what the baskets were made of and what they could be used for. They allowed the students to draw and design their own baskets. The students were even given the chance to help them sew a part of a basket. At the end our students were given bracelets made from sweet grass. Our students walked away from this experience with knowledge of a culture that can still be found in the Low Country of South Carolina. The third graders enjoyed this experience and couldn’t wait to share it with their families.

New in Kindergarten News:


Did you know that butterflies do not make cocoons? They form a chrysalis, also called a pupa! Our class has continued learning all about living things and their life cycles by observing caterpillars transform into beautiful butterflies in our classroom. The kindergartners used this hands-on learning opportunity to continue to develop inquiry skills through science, reading and writing. This was possible thanks to the Palmetto Electric Bright Ideas Grant. We were able to order 10 caterpillars and we watched them as they changed from caterpillars to chrysalises to butterflies.

The South Carolina Aquarium Visits Fennell Elementary


The Charleston Aquarium visited third through sixth grades at Fennell. The aquarium prides itself in having animals that are indigenous to South Carolina. While the students were in their session, they were allowed to participate in an interactive food chain. Some students were picked from the audience and got the chance to put on costumes to represent the animals. The students were also introduced to some of the aquarium’s animals that were there. Before each animal was able to be touched, the students were given more information about animals. They were also able to share things that they knew about the animals and ask questions. The students really enjoyed their visit from the South Carolina Aquarium.

2017-2018 Teacher of the Year - Ms. Saidell Moore
Fennell Students Celebrate Read Across America Week
Mr. John Wright Works on The Gym Floor


A new soaring eagle has landed at Fennell Elementary in the form of a new logo for the recently refurbished gym floor. After having completed a resurfacing of the basketball court for the school Mr. Coker commissioned Mr. John G. Wright, the art teacher, to paint a new eagle on the center court. The logo includes the school’s initials “FES” above a soaring eagle with the text “EAGLES” just below it. The “EAGLES” text is also repeated at both ends of the court. The new logos ad a breath of fresh air to the gym’s atmosphere.