What's Happening at FES 2015-2016 » What's Happening at FES 2015-2016

What's Happening at FES 2015-2016

2016 Promotional Ceremony
2016-2017 Teacher of the Year - Mrs. Amy Murdaugh
2nd nine Weeks Award Day
3rd Nine Weeks Award Day
4th Nine Weeks Awards Day
Alice In Wonderland
American Folksongs and Stories
Band Concert and Fennell Christmas Program
Box Tops For Education Party
Teacher supplies from box tops and a pizza party for the students who brought in the most box tops.
Bus Driver Appreciation Week
Can In The Hat Visits Kindergarten
Fennell Custodians Retirement Dinner
Fennell Elementary Thanksgiving Dinner
Field Day
Fun At Recess
Fundraiser Reward Party
Kindergarten Hunts For Gingerbread Boy
Kindergarten Ice Cream Party
Making Ice Cream
Making Solar Ovens
In 6th grade, I challenged the students to make a solar oven using a pizza box. This was to illustrate the transfer of heat using radiation, conduction, and convection. Students researched different designs online and then had to come up with their own design that would be better than what they saw online. To test their ovens, students put a s'more in their ovens and recorded the temperature at varying times (quantitative observations) and observed the marshmallow and chocolate melting (qualitative observations). And, of course, they ate the s'mores because SCIENCE IS FUN AND DELICIOUS!
National Junior Beta Club Induction
PE Class
Sharen Frazier - Fennell Elementary 2016-17 Support Person of the Year
Spring Garden 2016
Student vs Teacher Kickball Game
Working With Solutions


Our 5th grade class was learning about mixtures. More precisely, solutions. A solution is a special type of mixture where one of the substances is completely dissolved in the other. We wondered what would happen if there was too much solute (the substance that is dissolved) for the solvent (the substance that does the dissolving). So, we combined 2 cups of water (solvent) with 6 cups of sugar and noticed that all the sugar was not dissolved. This is known as a super saturated solution. We then heated the solution to boiling and then all of the sugar dissolved. We wondered, "what will happen when the solution goes back to room temperature?" Each student had a glass, two drops of their favorite food coloring, and some of the solution poured into their glasses. They placed a skewer in the glasses and let them sit for 4 days. When we checked the solutions again, the sugar that could not be dissolved at room temperature had crystallized on the stick. We made rock candy!

1st Nine Weeks Awards Day
 Fennell Elementary Band
 Fennell Shrimp Lunch
Fundraiser Promotion
Hat Day

 Red Ribbon Week
The Parachute
Bright Ideas Grant
Week of 9-28-15
Yemassee Shrimp Festival Parade
Southeast Crab

Backpack Buddies

Fennell students take home a backpack filled with food every weekend.