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Report to the People



2017-2018 School Year

Report to the People

As suggested by the School Improvement Council and Leadership Team, we are submitting this report in two segments. Segment one will address the academic climate and segment two will reflect the physical environment.

Academic Climate

  • Third through sixth grade will increase scores by five percent

  • Ratio one to eighteen

  • Excellence in academics and attendance each nine weeks

  • Created a Magnet School

  • Laptops and tablets for all students

  • Created a STEAM Lab

  • Provided a Science Lab

  • Spanish for all students

  • Level texts

  • Reading and math tutors

  • Volunteers as tutors

  • Gardening and green house activities

  • Outdoor classroom

  • Data to drive instruction

  • Instructional Coach

  • Reading Coach

  • Reading recovery

  • School-wide procedures

  • Hands-on experience

  • Conscious Discipline

  • High Progress Literacy

  • Modeled all instructional activities

  • Differentiated instructions

  • Guided reading

  • Critical thinking

  • Independent learning

  • Technology in the curriculum

  • Project based learning

  • Acellus Lab

  • Z space Lab

  • 3D Printer

  • Typing for all students (Pre-K through 6)

Physical Environment

  • New gym floor

  • New roof for band and art room

  • New air and heat roof unit Pre-K

  • Classroom for three year old program

  • Z space classroom

  • Classroom for Science Lab

  • Designed a STEAM Lab

  • Remodeled and painted all restrooms

  • Installed tiles on hall floors

  • Painted all halls and doors

  • Created a reading lab

  • Installed tiles on cafeteria floor

  • Carpeted five classrooms

  • New cafeteria tables

  • New stage floor

  • New stage curtains

In conclusion, we used these improvements as a framework and guide for successful teaching and learning at

Fennell Elementary Magnet School. This was a year of enviable achievements and accomplishments.